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Gary Parker

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Gary E. Parker

Gary E. Parker is a biologist, paleontologist, educator, speaker and author. Dr. Parker was a faculty member of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) for twelve years, and served for five years (1994-1999) as a senior lecturer for Answers in Genesis.[1] Currently he serves as an adjunct professor with ICR, and as the Chief Science Educator and Co-founder of the Creation Adventures Museum in Arcadia Florida.[2]

Dr. Parker began his academic career as a non-Christian and evolutionist, and taught and promoted evolution for many years. However, he eventually became convinced that the scientific evidence strongly favors Creation, not Evolution and is now an active proponent of creation apologetics. He has taught biology at Eastern Baptist College, Dordt College, Christian Heritage College, Clearwater Christian College, and the Institute for Creation Research Graduate School. He is also a prolific author who has co-authored 15 books on origin related topics, and five biology textbooks. He also appeared in several internationally distributed film and television programs.[1]

Name::Gary Parker
Address::1220 W. Imogene Street
 City::ArcadiaFL Zip::34266

Phone: Phone::863-494-9558

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Creation Adventures Museum

Together we explore the marvels and mysteries of fossils and the awesome wonders of the world around us! The museum is located on seven acres of property near the banks of Peace River in Arcadia, Florida. We offer fossil-hunting canoe trips, fossil digs, hands-on workshops to all ages, three-day and week-long Science Camps, which include longer trips to the beach, the Everglades, and snorkeling/diving in the Florida Keys! We also offer certification courses for CEU college credits, and special programs for homeschoolers are available as well. In addition, we have speakers who can come to your event or church to present a variety of talks on origins related topics. We also have a museum containing a fossil collection with elegant specimens from around the world, but with an emphasis on Florida fossils, and a small book/gift store.[3]

Education and Work History

  • B.A. in Biology/Chemistry from Ball State University
  • M.S. in Biology/Physiology from Ball State University[1]
  • Ed.D. in biology with a cognate in geology and paleontology from Ball State University
  • Former Chairman of the Biology Department of the Institute for Creation Research
  • Former Chairman of the Natural Science Department at Christian Heritage College
  • Former Head of the Science Department at Clearwater Christian College, Clearwater, Florida.[4]

Awards and Affiliations

  • American Society of Zoologists[4]
  • Admission to Phi Beta Kappa (the national scholastic honorary)
  • Election to the American Society of Zoologists (for his research on tadpoles)
  • Fifteen-month fellowship award from the National Science Foundation.[1]


Creationist Books

Secular Books

  • The Structure and Function of the Cell
  • DNA: The Key to Life
  • Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Heredity
  • Life's Basis: Biomolecules

Dr. Parker's masters thesis concerning amphibian endocrinology was published in Copeia and a summary of his doctoral dissertation on programmed instruction was published in the Journal of College Science Teaching.[2]




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