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Carl Wieland

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Dr. Carl Wieland

Dr. Carl Wieland (1950—) was a former atheist and a medical doctor in Adelaide, South Australia, when he began the first creationist organisation in Australia in 1977, the Creation Science Association. In 1978 he began publishing Ex Nihilo (now Creation magazine). He is a former president of the Christian Medical Fellowship of South Australia and until his retirement in 2015 the managing director of Creation Ministries International (CMI) in Australia.

In 1979/80, production of the Ex Nihilo magazine was handed over to the Queensland-based Creation Science Foundation (CSF), which was the result of Dr. Wieland's Creation Science Association "joining forces" with another organisation begun by Ken Ham and John Mackay. Carl Wieland continued writing and speaking part time, while still practicing as a doctor in Adelaide.

In 1987 Carl Wieland became the acting head of CSF in Brisbane. Under his leadership, the ministry (subsequently named Answers in Genesis and now Creation Ministries International) expanded to New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa. In addition to his former role as Managing Director of CMI, he was a popular speaker and writer undertaking many speaking and writing duties.

Auto accident
In April 1986 in the Australian "outback", whilst moving house from Adelaide to Cairns, Carl Wieland was in a head-on accident with a fully laden fuel tanker at a combined speed of 180 km/h (110 mph). This resulted in the loss of one eye, and left him with one significantly shorter leg by the time the doctors put it back together. Over the following seven years he underwent 56 reconstructive operations, often with bone taken from his lower rib. It was during this time that he learnt that the rib is the only bone in the human body that will grow back once removed, as long as the covering membrane is left intact. He has used this fact in talks to point out that Adam didn't need to spend the rest of his life with a defect!


Dr. Wieland has written numerous articles for Creation Magazine, the Journal of Creation and the CMI website, and has written or co-authored several books, including



See Dr. Wieland's CMI biography for a more comprehensive list of his publications.