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Donald Chittick

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Donald Chittick

Dr. Donald E. Chittick has been active in creation apologetics missions for more than forty years. He has written several books including his recently revised book, The Puzzle of Ancient Man, his highly acclaimed, The Controversy: Roots of the Creation-Evolution Conflict, and The World and Time: Age and History of the Earth. He, along with his wife Donna, run a creation ministry called Creation Compass. The purpose of Creation Compass Ministry is to provide information to help Christians better understand the Creation standpoint. Donald Chittick travels around the country lecturing on the truth of the Bible. Read descriptions of his available seminars below, or visit his website to signup for his email newsletter.

Donald received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, and a Bachelor of Science from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. His resume includes the following: Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences at George Fox University in Oregon, adjunct professor of chemistry at the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, and Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Puget Sound in Washington. Chittick is also an active inventor and has received several patents for alternative fuels and "programmed instruction," i.e. homeschooling. He has a member of the American Chemical Society, and the Creation Research Society.

One of the things I ask these people who challenge us is—'Have you ever seen one single example, any example, of where information spontaneously arises?' In fact, I was at a conference one weekend and a graduate student in science came up and challenged me. He said, 'Well, there are examples where inflow of energy causes increase in information'. He said, 'There has to be'. And so my response to him was, 'Show me one!' He said, 'All right, I'll go find one'. That was on a Thursday afternoon, and he disappeared, and he was gone for about 24 hours. The next day he came back with red eyes and very tired looking. He said, 'I have been to the library studying, and you're right, there are no cases'.[1]

Donald Chittick
Creation Compass
P.O.Box 993
Newberg, OR 97132






Title Description
The Bible, Science, and Reality Modern culture challenges Christians in their belief in the accuracy of the Bible as related to origins and earth history. Is the Bible against science? What does scientific evidence indicate about the origin of man? Reality agrees with the Biblical record, and Christians can be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within them (I Peter 3:15). Suitable for general audience.
The Early Earth Literal six-day creation agrees with powerful scientific evidence. If you could have been Adam and Eve, what would it have been like in the early earth? Suitable especially for a younger audience, junior high and below.
Genesis and Geology How was the earth formed? Was there an Ice Age? Why do we have a Grand Canyon? Although the secular mind-set challenges Christians in their belief in the historical accuracy of the Bible, particularly concerning earth history, a look at geological features shows that reality agrees with the Biblical record. Suitable for general audience.
Ancient Man The belief that man has ascended up from an animal and therefore should be more "primitive" in the past disagrees with reality. Scientific evidence shows that man possessed a high science and technology in the distant past. The Bible accurately explains the origins of civilization. Suitable for general audience.
The Bible and Dinosaurs Science has a number of puzzles which can be answered by matching the actual facts from fossils, including modern discoveries concerning dinosaurs, with the Biblical account of origins. What happened to the dinosaurs? Why don’t we have dinosaurs today? (Or do we?) Suitable for general audience.
Age of the Earth In the evolutionism - creationism discussion, one of the most frequently asked questions concerns the age of the earth. How old is the earth? How accurate is carbon dating? What difference does the age of the earth make theologically? Suitable for general audience.
The Question of Origins Culture is the practical outworking of our belief about origins. In what way does a culture’s view of origins affect manners, education, social institutions, science, and morality? Suitable for general audience.
Sharing one’s faith There are right ways and wrong ways to share one’s faith in Christ. For a surrounding culture which is largely ignorant of what true Christianity is, and may even view Biblical Christianity in a negative light, how can one share his faith in a positive, convincing, and loving manner? What are some pitfalls to avoid? Suitable for a general audience.
Worldviews and Music Music is composed of two parts: sounds and lyrics (words). This seminar is limited to the sounds of music and does not include a study of lyrics. There are five separate presentations, all tied together into a unified whole. All music conveys a worldview message and the sounds far outweigh the words in what message is conveyed. How does one recognize what message is being conveyed by the sounds in a piece of music? When do the sounds in a music piece convey a worldview message which agrees or else disagrees with the message a church group claims that it believes? Why is there so much disagreement about church music? Is music merely a matter of personal taste, or are there Biblical absolutes for music? How does one discern music appropriate for corporate worship?[2]

Professional data

B.S., Willamette University, Salem, OR, USA, 1954
Ph.D., Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA, 1960

Outstanding Educators of America
American Men and Women of Science
‘Who’s Who in the West’
American Chemical Society
Creation Research Society[3]


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