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Dinosaurs by Design

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Dinosaurs By Design.jpg


By Duane T. Gish
88 page hardcover (1993)
ISBN: 0-89051-165-9
Age 8 - High School

The Christian answer to Jurassic Park! Not just a children’s book; this is important reading for the entire family. As you journey into the exciting world of dinosaurs, this book will provide you with accurate information to help combat the evolutionary theories surrounding these incredible creatures. A great resource for Christian and Home Schools!

Learn everything that you have ever wanted to know about dinosaurs: where they lived, how their fossils were formed, and whether there are some still alive today. In art quality and detailed information on these mysterious beasts, this book rivals that of any secular source. However, the strong Biblical theme makes it unique among dinosaur resource books. Offers plausible explanations for believing that man walked with dinosaurs.