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Dinosaur State Park

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Located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Dinosaur State Park is a fantastic array of some 2,000 dinosaur tracks in "Jurassic" sandstone, assigned a geological age of 200 million years. It is not to be confused with Dinosaur Valley State Park, in Glen Rose, Texas.

The tracks were discovered by accident in 1968, during excavation for the construction of a state building. The construction was abandoned and now some 500 of these tracks are on display within the dome that was built over the site. The number of tracks makes it one of the largest and most impressive dinosaur track sites in North America.

They also have several nature trails and an Arboretum.

Comparison of other track sites:

Our Dinosaur tracks article will clarify the significance of this and other dinosaur track sites, and we'll simply list the pertinent scientific details of this particular site here:

The tracks at Dinosaur State Park go in all directions, albeit straight lines. This is interesting from a catastrophist's point of view as this is quite contrary to what we see with any modern animal tracks. Seldom do they continue in a straight line, unless they're trying to escape from something.

It is unknown how many levels of dinosaur tracks there are at Dinosaur State Park. The Red Fleet Megatrack Site has at least six levels, while Roxborough State Park in Colorado has 11 and the Eldorado Springs track site has 18!

All of the tracks are tridactyl tracks, as is typical with almost all dinosaur track sites.

Further Info

Dinosaur State Park
400 West Street
Rocky Hill, Connecticut USA 06067-3506
FDPA Phone: 860-257-7601
Park Phone: 860-529-8423