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Creation Today

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Introduction to Creation Today

Creation Today is

Creation Today is an international Christian-apologetics Ministry that is on a mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. Creation Today is in the process of filming a 3D movie called "GENESIS: Paradise Lost", it is going to be released in theaters on November 13, 2017, It is going to follow the First chapter of Genesis in great detail. Creation Today teaches us the belief that our God, the One True God, is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It also teaches us how Jesus Christ, the Son of God who was born of the virgin Mary and was sinless, came to be with us on earth as a man so that he may die as payment for our sins. He died on the cross so that our many sins may be forgiven by God. This shows us the love and forgiveness that God has for us.

Creation Today walks us through the creation account that the Bible tells us. It tells us how God created all things in 6 literal 24-hour days around 6,000 years ago. The Bible tells us how God created mankind in his own image, it tells us how He simply spoke the entire universe and everything inside of it into existence. The Bible also tells us about the fall of mankind and the release of sin into this perfect world that God created for us. It tells us how we can ask God for forgiveness for our sins and how we can be accepted into heaven when our time comes.

Creation Today Podcast

Name::Creation Today
Address::29 Cummings Road
 City::PensacolaFL Zip::32503
Country::United States
Phone: Phone::1-877-479-3466

Website: Web site::
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The Founder: Eric Hovind

Eric Hovind is the Founder and President of Creation Today. Eric's passion to spread the gospel has lead to him speaking in all fifty states and in eight different foreign countries around the world.Eric is the producer of the "Creation Today Show", which has been aired all 132 episodes to 3 different continents. People in 190 different countries have access to the Creation Today website, Creation Today has also translated it into 42 different languages so that they can spread the gospel to even more people around the world.

Eric's father is Kent Hovind, a christian fundamentalist evangelist who served a sentence of 10 years in prison for the failure to pay his taxes due to the fact that he is a tax protester. Eric lives with his wife Tanya and their 3 children in Pensacola, Florida, were he continues to spread the Word of God to Unbelievers around the world.

Eric Hovind is the Founder and President of Creation Today

The Ministry Development: Paul F. Taylor

Paul F. Taylor is the Directory of Ministry Development. He has been since 2011 when he joined the Creation Today Ministries. Paul is a well known author, pianist, high school science teacher, website programmer, ICT trainer, and a prolific Creation speaker. He has been writing and speaking about the topic of creation for more than 35 years. Over the years Paul has written 9 books which include these three books: The Six Days of Genesis, No Time for Itching Ears, and Don’t Miss the Boat. Paul has been co-hosting for the first three seasons with Eric Hovind on the Creation Today show. Paul continues to write for Creation Today to spread the Word of God. Paul continue to contribute his Wide array of knowledge to Creation Today.

Paul F. Taylor

The Creation Today Show


The Creation Today Show


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