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Creation research is the scientific investigation of the Earth and cosmos from the perception that God created life and all matter. The same scientific method and rigid rules or standards apply. The only real difference between secular and creation research is the presupposition used to form the hypothesis. Numerous creation science organizations and museums are actively engaged in physical science, biological, and archaeological research. New theories and the findings of investigators are documented in peer reviewed journals, and presented at creation science conferences.

Creation Research Facilities

Research Groups

Creation Research Projects

The RATE group

  • Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth - In 2000 the RATE Group has jointly published a research outline for examining radiometric dating from the creationist perspective. By Institute for Creation Research and Creation Research Society - Vardiman, Snelling, Chaffin, Baumgardner, Austin, DeYoung, Humphreys. 676 pages ISBN: 0-932766-19-6.
  • Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth, Volume II - In 2005 a compendium of their findings was published. By Institute for Creation Research and Creation Research Society - Larry Vardiman, Andrew Snelling, and Eugene Chaffin. 876 page hardback. ISBN 0932766811

The Baraminology Study Group The BSG sponsors and encourages participation in a variety of activities designed to achieve our overall mission, including:

The Earth History Research Center

  • Dinosaur Project - the Southwestern Adventist University conducts dinosaur excavation research project in the Lance Formation of eastern Wyoming.


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