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The CreationWiki is an archive of information relevant to creation apologetics. While the encyclopedia is admittedly a Christian young-earth venture, we do not discriminate against perspectives that expresses a legitimate interpretation of the creation. Nevertheless, creationists frequently find themselves under attack by atheists or evolutionists who find the creation position in contradiction to their long held beliefs.

Please report vandalism of this site here. Vandalism is expected on an open Wiki, but even more so if the topic is contested. Creation science in particular has a polarizing effect on people that seems to bring out anti-religious bigotry. Due to numerous instances of vandalism we have found it necessary to deactivate autoregistration.

Vandalism would be considered, but not limited to:

  • Spamming - placing redundant links, content, or messages on numerous pages.
  • Unauthorized Bot activity - requires administrative approval.
  • Deletion of content - deletion of article or significant content requires that a recommendation for deletion be filed and approved by administration.
  • Atheistic propaganda - editing page content in favor of atheistic positions.
  • Anticreation activities - editing page content in favor of anticreationist positions.
  • Derogatory comments - explicit insults are considered inappropriate. Those directed at the CreationWiki administration, content, or mission are specifically forbidden.
  • Defying administration directives - instructions put forth on policy pages or by individual contact must be followed.
  • Reversing administrative actions - page edits restored by administrators should be considered final.

Describe vandalism below

On the bottom of the Oxygen page, there appeared a site. I presume that this is a kind of spamming and that we should draw it to your attention. --John Baab 02:33, 20 December 2009 (UTC)

Yes, it was spam, and very clumsy spam at that. The site referenced was a quack cure-all site promoting the direct imbibition of hydrogen peroxide, in the belief that this would be therapeutic. This has been removed. Thank you for your report.--TemlakosTalk 02:41, 20 December 2009 (UTC)