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Article Improvement

  • Stub articles - are the titles identified by the CreationWiki users as containing little content. They may just contain a portion of an article - some simply have a picture and still need to be written.
  • Short pages - are the titles identified by the Mediawiki software as containing little content. They may just contain a portion of an article - some simply have a picture and still need to be written.
  • Articles needing cleanup - are the titles identified by CreationWiki users as needing improvement. They may simply not be following the CreationWiki style guides, or contain grammatical errors, or might need a major revision.
  • References - Titles have been identified by CreationWiki users as failing to provide proper citations for the content of the article. Authors are expected to follow the specific guidelines for including references.
  • Wanted pages - are the titles identified by the Mediawiki software as possessing two links to them from other articles.
  • Dead-end pages - are articles that contain no internal links. To integrate these pages into the site, place links within the body (or footer) of the article to other known CreationWiki topics.
  • Red Links - Links in red point to titles that still need to be written or to be redirected to an existing title.
  • Semantic MediaWiki - Many articles, not merely those that have "relations," can benefit from annotation of their text to make them browseable and searchable by means that go beyond a simple text search. Help us build the property and type system. See the annotation guidelines for further guidance.
    • Reannotation of dates: If you ever see a date of the form "2648c AM" or "1015d BC", that oddball form is obsolete and needs to be changed. To do this, keep the year as it is, but remove the lowercase letter (a, b, c, or d) and replace it with a month name to come before the year. The proper month names are Ethanim, Teveth, Abib, and Tammuz in the AM model, and September, December, March, and June in the BC or AD model.

Spell Check

Many articles contain basic typos because the CreationWiki editing toolbar does not contain a spell check feature. Nevertheless, articles can be spell-checked by copying the content into a text editor (like MS Word). Spell-checking can also be done online by installing and using the Google Toolbar, which contains a forms spell-checker. After installing the toolbar, simply open an article in edit mode and click the Check button. The Mozilla Firefox browser, version 2.0 and higher, has a built-in spell checker. Simply open the article for editing, and look for text underlined in red.

A plugin for Internet Explorer called IESpell is also very useful and can be used to spell check entire forms, or highlighted text within a form.

Short pages


There are many pages with minimal content that could use further development. Specific recommendations for further development may be listed below.

No content

To recommend an article for the CreationWiki, list it here.

International Translations

Main Article: CreationWiki:translation

French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, German, and Portuguese versions of the CreationWiki are currently under construction. You could help the development of these sites greatly by translating existing English articles into these languages. Please note that autotranslators such as Google Translate or Babelfish are only useful for words, not sentences. Articles should be translated by people accomplished in these languages as well as English.

The CreationWiki among Nations
English CreationWiki small.png

Bible book translations

The Help page Help:Bible book translations includes a synoptic table of the names of all books of the Bible in all the languages of CreationWiki and also in Koine Greek.

This article is now installed on all CreationWiki databases (except, of course, the Media Pool). However, you will see the English version of the background and explanatory text. Anyone interested in translating article content is invited to translate that background and explanatory text (plus one footnote in the Isaiah row) into the "native" language of whatever site you are working on. (If a translation has already been done, then you are invited to correct it for grammar and idiom.) The table speaks for itself in all languages. The headers come from the "In other languages" links on the sidebar and are therefore standard MediaWiki language headers.

Ongoing Collaborative Projects

Portal Organization

The CreationWiki:Portal is the hub for the Portals project. Contribute to this project by helping to organize and develop these various portals.

Creationist Resources

We have many resource lists that need further development:


Help contribute to the develop of the CreationWiki biography portal by creating biographies for people relevant to creation science.


Descriptions of organisms such as:

Image Categorization

Main Article: Help:category

The images that have been uploaded to the CreationWiki must be categorized. Generally speaking, they should be placed in the same categories as the articles they are found on. For example, the flamingo is categorized in the Phoenicopteridae, which is the taxonomic Family of the organism. Therefore the following link - [[Category:Phoenicopteridae]] - can be found on the bottom of the Flamingo page. The pictures on that page should also have that same category placed on their description page. To do this, simply copy the Category link from the flamingo page and paste it into the description page for its images.

Note that the description pages for images uploaded to the Pool - are on the Pool website. However, the page viewed initially when clicking on the image is on the English CreationWiki. Please add categories to the Pool description page by clicking on the description page link below the image similar to the one in the box below. If no such box exists, the image was uploaded to the English CreationWiki before the Pool was established.

Pool description page.JPG

Currently, there are 2600 images that have been uploaded to the Pool and a similar number remain on the English CreationWiki awaiting their move to the Pool. You can greatly help organize these image and make them searchable by adding category links to their description page. See Search CreationWiki Pool to search the Pool image archive.


Creationwiki small.gif

You could also greatly help the CreationWiki by linking to us on your website, or by promoting the CreationWiki to organizations, websites, or forums that are relevant to creation apologetics.

Site ranking by search engines is largely determined by the number of incoming links. By submitting the CreationWiki address to other sites on the internet, our pages will be more likely to appear on search engine results. Consider using one of the CreationWiki logos when promoting the CreationWiki on other sites.


The CreationWiki is a valuable resource that is growing to become one of the most important research tools available to the creationist community. If you value this resource, please consider making a donation to help support its development. Donations are accepted through the secure Northwest Creation Network webstore, which accepts most major credit cards and Paypal.