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A bot is a program designed for performing certain repetitive tasks on a Wiki. View the User bot list to see the bots currently setup on the CreationWiki.

Use Policy

Bots are used by permission only, as they can occasionally cause damage and are used by vandals for reasons such as to add links to pages.

Bot is a user status (privilege/property). Bots are to be implemented by users following the creation of a new user account with this user privilege enabled. It is best to create a username that makes it clear that the account is a bot, and preferably also who is operating it. A common method is to use your own login name and add the word 'bot' to it. One advantage for creating such an account is that the changes of such users by default do not show up on the recent changes page.

Bot Software Downloads and Info

  • Bot by Wikimedia
  • Python Bot Framework makes writing python bots easy, and transport independant, allowing the same bot code to run on multiple protocols.

CreationWiki Policy
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This page is part of the CreationWiki policy series - prepared to inform editors regarding participation guidelines. Browse the Table of Contents