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In various sciences and philosophy, a Property is a quality, intrinsic or extrinsic, of objects. Object, in this case, can designate very different natures of things, depending on the field of study or the context.


Ductility is an example of physical property

A physical property of matter is one that results from the position and characteristics of its particles and that can be measured without causing a change in the identity of the material.[1] An example of a physical property of the materials is radioactivity.[2] Another physical property is the hardness, one of the most useful tests for identifying minerals.[3]


Chemical properties are the properties of matter that describes how one substance reacts in the presence of other substances [4]. For instance, an important property of covalent bonds is that, for a given pair of atoms, they are equal in length, angle and direction regardless of the largest molecule that is part of the specific binding.[5]


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