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Canis lupus.jpg
Scientific Classification

Canines are any of the species of carnivorous mammals belonging to the taxonomic family Canidae. It includes wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, and the domestic dogs.


All the species of Canidae have three structures in common, the head, the body, and the legs. These structures vary however , because of the great diversity in species throughout this Family.


There are two basic head shapes in most canines. Either a narrow skull with a long face, such as a German Shepard. or a wide skull with a short face like in a Pug.


All Canidae have 13 ribs, though some are smaller than others. They also have 27 bones in the spinal column. The number of tail bones however is vastly different according to the length of the tail.


Unless a mutation or accident has occur ed all canines have four limbs, the hind limbs and the fore limbs. The fore limbs are connected to the body at the shoulder and the hind limbs at the pelvic bone. These appendages are used for transportation, scratching and digging.


Canines reproduce sexually and can have 1-14 pups at one time. Females go into heat every 6 months after a they are 6 to 14 months old. Only when a female Canine is in heat can it mate and, produce offspring.


Age and Diet

Canines can live to be 10-15 years old depending on diet, exercise, and other factors. While mostly carnivorous there are a few omnivorous in this family such as the domestic dog.


This family is found all over the globe. the great diversity in the species allows it to live in almost any climate.