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Caleb (son of Hezron)

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Caleb (Hebrew: כלב, Kālēḇ) or Chelubai (Hebrew: כלובי, Kelūḇay; "Name means::forcible") (b. ca. Born::2357 AM) was the third named son of Hezron by his first marriage and a clan leader in the tribe of Judah. But he is best remembered for a son he had in his old age by a later marriage.


descendant of::Judah
descendant of::Tamar
grandson of::Pharez
son of::Hezron
brother of::Jerahmeel
brother of::Ram
father of::Hur

The most famous descendants of Caleb are his son Hur and his great-grandson Bezaleel, the master craftsman of the Tabernacle.

Date of Birth

Caleb was probably the last son that Hezron had by his first marriage. Hezron married for the second time when he was sixty years old. Caleb was probably born one year earlier.

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