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Bob Compton

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Dr. Bob Compton obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University and a Ph.D. in Physiology at the University of Wisconsin/Madison. He helps veterinarians, cattle ranchers, and dairymen develop animal health programs by giving them information about immune systems, and the viruses and bacteria that cause disease in beef and dairy herds.

"Throughout high school and college I was taught that evolution was a scientific fact. I accepted this as truth, but later on, I discovered that many aspects of evolution didn’t make sense. Although confused, I attributed my doubts to my lack of understanding. Over the years, I came across articles and books that challenged many of the basic assumptions of evolution. Further study convinced me that evolution was only an 'ingenious story' and not 'fact.' I learned that evolution lacked credible evidence for all of its claims." [1]

Bob Compton is the founder of Foundations in Genesis Idaho.[2]