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Bill Nye

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Bill Nye (born November 27, 1955) is an American science educator and entertainer. He is known for his strong criticisms, which are false and inaccurate, against those who believe in a biblical young earth creation. He is a humanist and an agnostic. Nye believes that "science is political."[1]

Opposition to biblical creation

In 2012, Nye made a video strongly criticizing those who believe in biblical creation and ordering parents not to pass their substantiated biblical views on to their children.[2] By supporting censoring the teaching of biblical creation, Nye thus supports brainwashing children with evolution rather than letting them have a balanced education on the topic.[3] The Christian apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis (AiG) publically called on Nye to debate on the creation-evolution issue.[4]

On February 4, 2014, Nye debated AiG president Ken Ham.[5] The debate was the dominant trending topic on Twitter and Facebook and it was estimated that over 3 million people watched the debate live.[6] It was reported by the mainstream media that because of the debate, interest, and support for the Ark Encounter, which had been struggling for funds, returned, and AiG was able to raise enough money so construction could begin in 2014,[7] even though AiG has stated that this was not the case, as it was not reasonably possible to purchase a bond after the debate.[8]

Ham challenged Nye during the debate and several times afterward to "name one piece of technology that could only have been developed starting with a belief in molecules-to-man evolution," but Nye has been unable to find any example.[9]

After the debate, Nye released a book entitled Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, in which he repeated his false claims concerning creation and evolution.[10]

On July 8, 2016, the day after the Ark Encounter opened to the public, Nye toured the attraction upon invitation from Ham.[11] At one point in the informal debate, Nye stated that it is reasonable to believe that all humans came from Martians, but at the same time that is unreasonable to believe that all humans came from Adam and Eve.[12] Nye made other inconsistent statements throughout the discussion.

Although Nye falsely believes that belief in biblical creation somehow impedes scientific and technological progress—despite there being massive and strong evidence to the contrary—he has unknowingly praised scientific and technological innovations done by biblical creationists, such as the MRI scanner invented by Raymond Damadian.[9]

Like others who reject the Christian God and His Word, Nye borrows from a Christian worldview on issues such as ethics.[13]

Opposition to climate change debate

In a video interview released in April 2016, Nye stated his willingness to imprison those who disagree with his anthropomorphic climate change views.[14] In July 2017, Nye stated that climate science would only advance when older people (aka. "climate change deniers") die out.[15]

Admission of failure

In October 2017, Nye admitted that "It’s completely ineffective! I am a failure!" regarding his attempts to convince people that human-caused climate change is real.[16]


Nye rejects the fact that unborn human beings are actually human beings.[17][18][19][20]


In April 2017, in his Bill Nye Saves the World "science" comedy show," Nye stated that Western countries should "at least consider" enacting policies punishing parents for having "extra kids," even though such policies are eugenics and represent a massive reduction of personal liberty.[21]


Nye was strongly criticized in April 2017 when he released his Netflix TV show Bill Nye Saves The World, which was full of vulgarity, sarcasm, and segregation of people who disagreed with Nye's own interpretations.[22] In it, he promoted his political and social views of gender identity and environmentalism, appearing to place those views over actual science.[23] He used perverted illustrations and popular songs to prove his arguments regarding gender, rather than actual science.[24] In contrast to his stated views in his 2017 Netflix show, by stated in his 1996 Bill Nye the Science Guy show that chromosomes determine gender and that male and female were the only possible genders.[25] Some of Nye's colleagues on his show made extreme comments. Marcella Arguello, a writer for the show, wrote on Twitter that the deaths of "a few old a** conservative white men" would be worth it if it lead to gun control.[26]


In April 2017, Nye participated in the "March for Science",[27] which critics noted was an attempt to promote their political views through "science."[28][29][30] Nye himself stated around the same time that "science is political."[1]


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