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Big Valley Creation Science Museum

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Big Valley Creation Science Museum, in Alberta, Canada

The Big Valley Creation Science Museum was Canada's first permanent creation museum. Built by Harry Nibourg in Big Valley, Alberta, it first opened its doors in the summer of 2007. From the foundations up, it was built for the glory of the Creator, to display the evidence of his handiwork and refute the lie of evolution.

Vance Nelson of Creation Truth Ministries designed the layout and overall theme of the displays. Vance and Harry purchased most of the fossils and displays and began construction of the building and assembling the layout. Ian Juby was called in later to construct more displays and aid Vance with the writing of the plaques.

The plaques were peer-reviewed by experts from around the world, and the displays are world-class. Genuine fossils from some of the most famous fossil formations in the world are to be found here, including an impressive display of "living fossils," which show organisms have not changed over time, but have faithfully reproduced after their kind - exactly like Darwin's bible (that he studied in seminary) said.

Some of the themes include information and the DNA, evidence of dinosaurs and humans coexisting, geology and evidence for the global flood of Noah, and the Icons of Evolution. One of the more popular displays is a reproduction of the Lambeth Palace scrolls in England, which traces the genealogy of King Henry the sixth back to Adam and Eve.

In 2015, one of the board members of the museum unearthed a major fossil discovery of rare fossilized fish.[1]

The Big Valley Creation Science Museum
Located on main street, across from the train station
Box 340
Big Valley, AB, Canada
Phone: 403-876-2100

The Alberta Prairie Steam Train drops off some 30,000 visitors per year at the train station immediately across the road from the Big Valley Creation Science Museum.

Promotional video

The grand opening promotional video...



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