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Big Bend National Park

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Big Bend National Park entrance.

Big Bend National Park is a National Park Service (NPS) federally protected national park.

Rio Grande River

Big Bend National Park map showing the sweeping curve of the Rio Grande River.

Where a river makes a sweeping curve, instead of following a more or less straight line, the result is often called a Big Bend. The curve of the Rio Grande river on the south border of the state of Texas is one of these places. The Big Bend National Park is named after this portion of the river.

Cerro Castellan

Sunset on Big Bend National Park.

A Peak or Butte found in the Big Bend National Park. The peak is supported by a "volcanic spine" but rests on easily erodable formations. The implication is that in the past, considerable volcanic activity occurred in the Big Bend region that produced many volcanic formations such as those seen in the Big Bend National Park. Creationists believe that heavy post-Flood erosion removed much of the volcanic material, leaving the peak as it is. Thus the peak is evidence for catastrophism on a large scale.

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