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Bezalel or Bezaleel (Hebrew: בצלאל, Beẓalʼēl; "Name means::in the protection of God") (b. ca. Born::2483 AMDied::2553 AM) was a member of the tribe of Judah and the master craftsman of the builder of::Tabernacle.


descendant of::Hezron
grandson of::Hur
son of::Uri

(1_Chronicles 2:20 )

Date of birth

The Bible gives no specific clue to Bezaleel's date of birth. But he was an adult in the year of the Exodus of Israel and probably was thirty years old, because God called him to a position of tremendous responsibility. (However, some rabbinical literature suggests that he was only thirteen years old.[1])


When God gave Moses the detailed designs for the Tabernacle and its associated artifacts, He named Bezaleel as the lead craftsman and Aholiab, a Danite, as his assistant.[2][1] (Exodus 31:1-11 ) Bezaleel's special skill was in metalworking, woodworking, and working with precious stones. Aholiab's special skill was in fabric hangings, garment making, and embroidery.[3]

Bezaleel receives great praise in the rabbinical literature, though perhaps this literature exaggerates Bezaleel's abilities and gives too much credit either to the man himself or to his grandfather Hur and alleged grandmother Miriam.[1] In fact the Bible specifically says that God called Bezaleel and imparted to him all the skill and wisdom he needed to complete his task.

In any event, the Tabernacle would remain the dwelling place of God on earth until King Solomon built the first version of the Temple of Jerusalem.

In popular culture

Bezaleel appears frequently in the names of schools of design, and of firms specializing in design of various projects, large and small.

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