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The Arkites (Hebrew: ערקים, ‛Arqīm) were the descendants of Arki (Hebrew: ערקי, ‛Arqī; "Name means::gnawing"), the seventh son of son of::Canaan, the son of Ham, according to Genesis 10:17 .


This people comes to our notice in the inscriptions of Shalmaneser II and Tiglath-Pileser III, both kings of Assyria, and both of whom describe the Arkites as 'rebellious'. The Arkites were also known to the Egyptians, as mentioned in the Amarna tablets as the Irkata. Their city is known today as Tell-Arqa, a place that Thutmose III of Egypt refers to as Arkantu. The city was later known to the Romans as Cæsari Libani.

Some of his descendants may have also traveled with the descendants of Heth into the New World, residing among the Arikara or Arikaree Indian tribes of the Great Plains in North America.

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