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Adipose tissue

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Adipose tissue is one of connective tissues. It is a similar loose connective tissue that is composed of adipocytes. Basically, it is included only 70% fat in various places. It contributes to control insulation and energy storage for bringing positive influences on health. It is first found by Conrad Gessner who was a Swiss nationalist and bibliographer Furthermore, it can be shown as little fat, but it is very significant for composing our body. [1] There are two types of adipose tissue which are white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT). It is found in mammary glands. Adipose tissue is related to fat that can bring dangerous influences. Obesity becomes serious problem and it has become second dangerous diseases in America. Therefore, adipose tissue can be controlled for health.[2]


Adipose tissue is connective tissue that has two different types: white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue. It is a fat tissue which develops significant roles of the body. It is composed of around 20% of normal person. Two types are important to maintain for increasing on health. They include adipocytes which is to contain storage fat.[3]

White adipose tissue

Most adipose tissue is composed of white tissue. In the body, white adipose tissue contains at least 20% of the body weight in men and 30% of the body in women. There are three main functions which are heat insulation, mechanical cushion, and a source of energy. First, the body can be protected as controlling of heat insulation. It also contributes to help maintaining temperature in the body. The temperature is one of the significant elements to keep health. Furthermore, adipose tissue is the major storage for controlling fat. As a result, White adipose tissue contributes to help body temperature and to control fat. [4]

Brown adipose tissue

Brown adipose tissue is one of the types. It can be found a variety of places, depending upon the species and animal. Furthermore, animals contain brown adipose tissue to control their body. It is most important element to animals. The main function of the brown adipose tissue is to contribute moving energy from food in to heat.[5]


Adipose tissue forms various locations on the body such as under the skin, around kidneys, heart, and joints long bone marrow, and inside the eye-socket. That’s why, adipose tissue is working significant role to sustain health to the body. The main function of the adipose tissue is insulation and energy storage. Insulation is to control temperature for protecting from diseases. The temperature of the body is the significant role that can keep on health.[6] It is able to prevent loss amount of heat. Furthermore, insulation can be wall for maintaining temperature under the skin. Another of the adipose tissue’s function is to maintain store energy in the body. Energy is one of the essential ingredients that can work on the body.[7] When the body is not enough energy, adipose tissue can sustain as a role of energy storage. Moreover, adipose tissue can heal when you have injured a tendon or a ligament. Although it heals slowly, it still contributes to recover injury. Consequently, insulation and energy storage are main functions that can protect for bringing positive influences. They are able to contribute to cause health to the body..[8]


Adipose tissue is a loose connective tissue that composed of adipocytes relates to obesity. The main role of adipose tissue is to store energy and power in the body. Person who has obesity are relates to adipose tissue. Obesity is a condition which is to excess body fat. Furthermore, it has accumulated the fat that can cause various negative influences on health. It is an also one of the dangerous diseases that can bring problems or even death. Most Americans use to experience obesity children and adult. It is able to increase the variety of diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and difficulty of breathing. Modern society, obseity is being one of the serious diseases for causing problems on health.


  • Diabetes

It is a metabolic disease by high blood glucose levels. It is affected by insufficient production of insulin. Furthermore, Diabetes contributes to bring the cells of muscle and fat tissues. It can be caused by the problem of adipose tissue. High blood sugar can bring negative influences such as increasing of insulation, lack of control, and even death.[10]

  • Cancer

It is well-known as most dangerous disease in the world. Cancer can be caused a various reasons such as high insulation, overweight, or obesity. It has many symptoms that can cause dangerous results like a death.[11]


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