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Systematic name Ethanal
Other names Ethanolacetic aldehyde
Molecular formula CH3CHO
Molar mass Molar mass::44.05 g/mol
Appearance Colorless Liquid
CAS number CAS number::75-07-0
Density and phase Density::0.788 g/ml, 151k
Solubility in water 0.1-1.0 g/100 ml (20.2°C)
Melting point Melting point::-123.5°C
Boiling point Boiling point::20.2°C
Viscosity 0.215 cP at 20°C
Molecular shape

C-trigonal planar
O-trigonal planar

Dipole moment 2.7 D
MSDS Material safety data sheet
NFPA 704

NFPA 704 svg.png

Flash point -39°C
R/S statement R: R12,R36/37,R40
S: S2,S16,S33,S36/37
RTECS number AB1925000
Related compounds
Other anions C2H3O
Other cations CH3CHO
Related aldehydes Formaldehyde, Propionaldehyde
Related compounds Ethylene oxide
Except where noted otherwise, data are given for
materials in their standard state (at 25 °C, 100 kPa)
Disclaimer and references

Acetaldehyde is an organic compound and more specifically one of the aldehydes. The molecular formula is CH3CHO or C2H4O and it is important of the organic chemical compounds. Acetaldehyde is also known as Ethanal and Ethanolacetic aldehyde. Also, it has been used widely in science or in nature as well as it produced tobacco smoke and cigarettes. That's why, it is sometimes caused air pollution or environmental problem. The appearance of Acetaldehyde is colorless liquid pungent and fruity odor.[1]


Acetaldehyde has two different types of properties, they are chemical properties and physical properties. Also, they contribute to help studies in science. The physical properties of Acetaldehyde are Molecular Weight:44.05, Boiling Point:20.2 Melting Point:-123.5, Flash point:-39 and have related compounds: Ethylene oxide. [2] The molecular of Acetaldehyde is C2H4O and it has a special temper itself. There are properties which show characteristic things of Acetaldehyde. For example, the properties of the Acetaldehyde are colorless liquid and very high pressure. [3]


Acetaldehyde caused air pollution

Acetaldehyde is a common component of air polution and tobacco smoke. It is made by industrial factories and normally, and found associated with carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and hydrocarbons.[4]


Acetaldehyde contributes to make a perfume
silver mirror is used by Acetaldehyde

Acetaldehyde is used widely and it is an organic compounds in science. It can be used chemical reactions or physical reactions. Also, it is used to manufacture, materials, and things in industry and it is used to make an alcohol. For example, It is used the production of materials such as a fruit, flavoring agent, it contributes to make silvering mirrors, fuel,plastic, perfumes and synthetic rubber in industry society. Furthermore,it sometimes helps to control our body as well as it is studied in the environment.[5] But, Acetaldehyde causes environment problems by plastic industry and it is problem of society. As a result, Acetaldehyde is giving effects to get benefits in science and also it contributes to give help in the human cancer studies.[6]

Tobacco smoking

The tobacco brought air pollution

Acetaldehyde is used in tobacco smoke from the pyrolysis of carbohydrates and also it was divided into animal carcinogen. Acetaldehyde is a such as tobacco smoke and when it is used as tobacco additives, it causes the formation of Acetaldehyde-biogenic. [7]

Carcinogen and Safety

Acetaldehyde is a carcinogen and is toxic to the human body as well as it is possible to damage DNA.[8] Also, it has possibility to cause cancer in human body and it was produced by industry development. Furthermore, Acetaldehyde produces combustion and tobacco, and it used as acetic acid, acetic anhydride and ethyl acetate. Throughout this reason, Acetaldehyde sometimes causes cancer or carcinogen and it is the cautious matter. Consequently, it brings air pollution in our society.[9]