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A petrified hammer was found in Cretaceous rocks (Talk.Origins)

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Response Article
This article (A petrified hammer was found in Cretaceous rocks (Talk.Origins)) is a response to a rebuttal of a creationist claim published by Talk.Origins Archive under the title Index to Creationist Claims.

Claim CC130:

An iron hammer with wooden handle was found embedded in rock in Cretaceous sediments (or Ordovician, by some accounts) near London, Texas. The enclosing rock contains Lower Cretaceous fossils.


CreationWiki response:

While this has fallen out of favor with most creation scientists there is one aspect of this hammer that suggest that this could still be Pre-Flood. Those who insist that this hammer is recent have yet to offer an explanation for it. The iron head of the hammer has a coating of FeO which needs two atmospheres of pressure to form. There may be another answer other than the hammer being pre-Flood but nothing has been proposed as of yet.